About Us

Ship-Shape Products Ltd was founded in 1994 by the late Neville King, with his eldest son Geoff. Neville started in the cleaning industry aged 19 as a window cleaner and grew his skills and knowledge from there on. Geoff, who grew up learning the industry from his father, is now supported in the business by his wife Jane and daughter Emma. There are also three staff members Stevan, Tony and Paul, who add to the family feel with friendly jokes and banter.

We like to think that Ship-Shape is a place where our customers can have a chat and ask us those niggling cleaning questions they’ve always wanted the answer to. So feel free to pop in and give us a challenge. If we don’t know something we’ll do our best to find out for you.


Geoff has worked in the cleaning industry his whole life and set up Ship-Shape with his late father Neville King over 20 years ago. Geoff has excellent product knowledge for both interior and exterior cleaning, and understands which products suit which environment and which purposes. Always customer focused, Geoff is happy to provide any cleaning advice needed. In his spare time Geoff loves to visit new places, watch movies and go for pub lunches with his family. He’s also a member of the Coulsdon Slot Car Racing Club.

Jane has been married to Geoff for over 30 years and has supported the family business throughout that time from accompanying the team at trade shows to helping out with sales. She now works as the Company Secretary and can regularly be heard talking to herself as she types! Jane went travelling for two years back in the 80s with her best friend from Austria and is almost fluent in German. Jane loves line dancing, visiting friends and practicing genealogy, where she has researched her family tree back to the 1400s!

Stevan is an excellent all-rounder, helping out wherever he is needed. He can be found answering phones, loading vans, pitching products, or helping out on deliveries. Stevan’s a hard worker and a great people person, always smiling and taking an interest in others. He’s also a great laugh, full of banter and loves making mischief. In fact, he once climbed into a bin bag to show the customer how big it was!

Tony is a true morning person and is always the first to arrive everyday and greet everyone else with a cup of tea. Whilst visiting our trade counter, you will hear Tony laughing, making jokes and answering the phone. Tony has been married to his wife for many years and they have both children and grandchildren together. They also spent some time living in Spain but Tony is yet to implement a siesta at Ship-Shape, favouring a good cuppa and some pot noodles instead!

Paul is Ship-Shape’s main delivery driver and can be regularly found stuck in traffic on the Purely Way! Never the less he’s always able to battle through the worst of South London traffic to get your products to you on time. When he delivers to your place of work he’s happy to help unload the stock and pass on any information needed. In his spare time, Paul is a model railway enthusiast.

Company Status Active
Company Type Private Limited Company
Incorporated 29 March 1994
Registered Company No. 2913927
Registered Tax No. 644 4889 00
Registered Office 1 Stanyards Courtyard, Stanyards Farm, Chertsey Road, Chobham, Surrey, England, GU24 8JE